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Facial Fat Transfer

Is aging wearing you down? Are you tired of looking into the mirror only to see a sagging face with prominent lines and wrinkles? Facial fat transfer can help you regain your confidence and make your face appear to be like that of a young person, no matter how old you are. Facial fat transfer is an additional enhancement to your facelift surgery. As we age, we lose volume in our face which in turn can contribute to sagging tissues in the face.

With the facial fat transfer procedure, Dr. Nashielli replaces this lost volume and fills in nasal labial folds to give you the best and most natural result possible! You will be happy to wake up in the morning and look into the mirror once you start seeing the results of the facial fat transfer procedure.

An extra bonus with the fat transfer is that it is your own tissue so there is no chance of any reaction.

Candidates for the Facial Fat Transfer

Ideal candidates for the fat transfer procedure are:

  • Those who have prominent lines and wrinkles on their face
  • Those with sagging facial features (sunken cheeks and cheekbones where fat seems to be disappearing)
  • Those who are healthy enough to undergo the procedure without being at risk of adverse effects.

You’re also likely to see value in getting the procedure done if you have realistic expectations from it. It’s important that you know that this procedure can’t slow down the natural aging process. It can, however, increase the volume in different areas of your face to make you appear younger.

Preparing for Your Fat Transfer

Apart from a discussion on your expectations, you will also be asked to stop taking certain medications if you’re on them so that there are no risks to carrying out the procedure. These may include herbal supplements, aspirin, and anti-inflammatory medications. You should also stop smoking in the weeks leading up to the procedure and for a few days after the procedure is carried out, as nicotine can significantly slow down the process of healing.

The Fat Transfer Procedure

The procedure is done by taking a small amount of fat usually from the abdominal area via liposuction. This fat is then injected into the face as the final part of the face lift surgery. Initially, there will be swelling but the same post-op instructions are followed as with the face lift.

It is very important to be clear about your expectations and know what your goals are. That way, you will be able to have the best consultation with the clearest explanation of the treatment the doctor recommends for you. During the consultation, all of your questions will be answered, procedures explained in detail and we will arrange everything so you will be on your way to having your dream result. As Nashielli Plastic Surgery, your health and happiness are our priorities.

65 Year Old, Having my 2nd Face Lift in 17 Years

“I had a face lift and my upper eyes done 2 years ago. Everything was perfect!! The hospital staff were fabulous, and I enjoyed the luxury of staying in the hospital Overnight. I recently had liposuction and fat transfers to my face. Again, all went well. Dr. Nashielli is a caring, concerned Dr. and a master at her craft.”

Patient Testimonial


What are the risks or complications that could arise from facial fat transfer?

As with any surgery, there are risks which will be evaluated and discussed in the consultation, as some of them will depend on your own personal medical history.

There are no complications associated with facial fat transfer.

How long will my facial fat transfer recovery take?

Recovery is gradual. However, you can expect the swelling from the fat transfer to reduce within one to two weeks. During the initial recovery period, it is necessary to limit physical activities for a couple of weeks, thus preventing increased swelling and/or inflammation. It is important to stay cool and rest, use ice to reduce swelling every couple of hours and sleep propped up. You will be given detailed instructions for your particular procedure by Dr. Nashielli. At the end of the second week you can return to normal activities, with the consent of your surgeon. Also, if following the post-op care instructions properly, most swelling will be almost gone between 2-3 weeks. Any possible remaining bruises can be covered with makeup. After five weeks, your results will already be very noticeable; however, it will take several months for the healing process to be completed. You will see your final results in about 6 months.

How long does the facial fat transfer procedure take and what type of anesthesia used?

This procedure typically adds only an extra 45 minutes to one hour on top of the face lift surgery and is done at the very end of the procedure.

Dr. Nashielli uses a light IV sedation typically known as “twilight” sedation. Following the IV sedation, local injections of anesthesia are used around the area where the fat will be taken and in the face. After the surgery, you will go into the recovery room where you will stay around 1 – 1 ½ hours before you return to your private room to spend the night. You will be evaluation the morning after surgery to make sure you are ready to check out. During this evaluation, you will be given instructions on after care as well as any prescriptions you may need. In addition, your first follow up appointment will be scheduled.

Will I have any incisions for the facial fat transfer procedure?

You will have a small incision where the canula is inserted to remove the fat. After the fat is removed, the injections are done with a syringe.


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