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Lori Payne
International Patient Coordinator

Lori Payne, International Patient Coordinator

I originally moved to Guadalajara from San Diego in September 2009 with a plan to stay, for 6 months. I never left…. except to go back and clean out my storage unit! I had been taking Spanish for about 3 years prior to coming here and always took more classes on every visit. Many people ask me, “but what made you move to Mexico?” The truth is, I didn’t plan it but every time I came here, I was never ready to leave! Also, the friendly culture, wonderful food and great weather were plenty of reasons to keep coming back! I love to travel and see other parts of Mexico, too! And, while I have only seen a hand-full of cities, there are many more on my list!

I am a single, blond female who has lived alone since moving here and I have never felt unsafe in any way! More often than not, before people knew I lived in the area, they would ask me if I was lost or needed help. After this long, they now know I am just part of the neighborhood and now, sometimes, people even stop me to ask me for directions.

Although I originally came here just for 6 months, I decided to complete my TEFL certificate upon arrival in order to teach English classes. Luckily, one of the owners of a school I taught at received an email from her friend who was a doctor, a plastic surgeon, and their clinic was looking for a native English speaker to work with people from the U.S. and Canada. I came for the interview and started working just one week later. I now have over 7 years working as a patient coordinator to assist people who are looking to come to Guadalajara for surgeries. Since my background was client management, it turned out it was the perfect fit, for everyone!

Magdalena Guerrero
Patient Coordinator

Lori Payne, International Patient Coordinator

Hello! My name is María Magdalena Guerrero Jiménez. I am originally from the state of Zacatecas and I have been living in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco for five years, where I have been a part of Nashielli Plastic Surgery Specialists team with Dr. Nashielli Torres. From the moment I joined Dr. Nashielli Torres’ team, I have felt like part of a family. My current duties include:

  • Assistant to Dr. Nashielli
  • Therapist (Pre-post massages, facial and body treatments)
  • Patient Coordinator
  • Patient follow-up
  • Administrative Area Coordination
  • Reception and customer service

My goal is to continue to excel and bring the best experience possible to our patients. I thank Dr. Nashielli Torres for her patience and all that she has taught me throughout the years. I have grown both professionally and personally with Dr. Nashielli Torres and the amazing staff here.

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