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Rhinoplasty or plastic nose surgery is a procedure that will ultimately improve the quality of life of our patient. This surgery is indicated if you have some aesthetic nonconformity of the nose, and you want to modify defects such as the back of your nose, improve the nasal tip to provide a better definition, or decrease the size of the nostrils.

It also helps improve functional problems such as breathing problems. You can decrease the size of the nostrils, modify the size of the nose, either the nasal back, the angle, which will cause greater harmony in the face. It is also used to improve functional problems, often performed simultaneously to improve aesthetic appearance and respiratory function.


Is this surgery right for me?

1. The first thing to take into account is the changes that the patient wants as well as their expectations, based on that information we will evaluate each particular case, letting you know what are the best options in each case. We will evaluate if it’s necessary to perform a CT scan to check for septum deviation problems that are causing breathing problems.

2. The second point is to conduct a medical interrogation to know the general health of the patient. Laboratory tests and a preoperative cardiological evaluation will be carried out (cardiological evaluation will be done at the doctor’s discretion).

3. The third step will be to take pre-surgical photographs with which we will evaluate and point out the points to be corrected, explain what the procedure will consist of and resolve any doubts that may be had in this regard, letting you know where we will place the Incisions. During this consultation, you will be explained the care for after your surgery and as well as the recovery time and risks. Finally, during this consultation, your surgery will be scheduled and you will be given the appropriate directions to prepare.

How long does the recovery last?

Recovery is gradual, and will largely depend on good post-operative care. Approximately 1 week after the surgery the patient will be able to return to their daily tasks, however, the first 3 days the patient will present light facial edema and have a splint that after seven days will be removed. It is not allowed to carry out physical activity such as exercising, running, swimming, etc., during the first 4 weeks as well as to avoid exposure to the sun for the first 3 weeks.

How long does the procedure last and what type of anesthesia do you use?

The surgery lasts approximately 2 to 3 hours. The type of anesthesia we use is general anesthesia. After surgery the patient will have an approximate period of 4 hours in the recovery room, afterwards the patient is to spend the night in the hospital. During the recovery time we will follow up careful of your evolution.

Are the incisions visible?

The incisions of this procedure are made inside the nostrils, so they are not visible.

What are the risks or complications that exist in this surgery?

As in any surgery there are risks which will be evaluated and discussed during consultation, since some of them depend on certain factors so it is important to know the patient’s history. Some of them may be, nosebleeds, allergic reactions among others.


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