Cosmetic procedures are making a shift towards less invasive and more natural methods as they continue to improve. Facial fat grafting makes for an excellent example of this shift in trends.

Facial fat grafting is a simple procedure that solves unique cosmetic facial issues without major surgery. It improves the look of the face without using filler products or implants.

This procedure creates improvements in a patient’s physiology using only fat cells taken from another part of their body. Plastic surgeons the world over testify to the fact that such efficiency and naturalism is not only a major goal but a major sign of success in the industry.

Major Benefits of Facial Fat Grafting

The benefits of facial fat grafting on a patient’s cosmetic appearance are numerous. Patients who suffer from hollowness or loose skin on the face, especially in the cheek and eye area due to reasons such as aging and weight loss, can stand to benefit from facial fat grafting.

It can provide these patients with a youthful and natural tightness in the above-mentioned areas. The appearance of premature aging can also be treated, as the procedure helps to fill in lines and wrinkles.

The rejection rates and other post-operative problems that may occur with other cosmetic injections are less likely to crop up with facial fat grafting, as the fat cells are taken from the patient’s own body. The cells live out their natural lifespan in the new area where they have been introduced. No artificial procedure or method is necessary.

The Process of Facial Fat Grafting

The patient first works in close consultation with Dr. Espinosa to help determine the facial areas that would most benefit from the injections. The areas of the body where the fat will be drawn from are also decided upon. The patient’s medical history is discussed, along with any allergies.

The day of the procedure, general anesthesia is administered to the patient. The fat grafting process is a simple one and can be performed within a couple short hours.

Fat is harvested from areas of the patient’s body like the knees, thighs, buttocks, or abdomen. Substances such as blood and other fluids are separated from the healthy fat cells to ensure that only pure healthy fat is injected. This creates a better likelihood of effective and long-lasting results.

Once the fat is purified, it is injected into the chosen areas of the face using a small syringe. The injection results in increased fullness in the treatment areas, dramatically improving the hollow and aged appearance of the face. The recovery time is relatively short.

Arranging Your Fat-Grafting Treatment

Facial fat grafting is an embodiment of the ever-changing quality of the world of cosmetic plastic surgery. It may be a somewhat new procedure in the market, but the ideas backing it are time-tested and well-researched.

If you would like to find out more about facial fat grafting and what it can do for you, contact the office of reconstructive plastic surgeon Dr. Nashielli Espinosa. Schedule your consultation today to get started.