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A consultation is the way to begin the process of discovering if a neck lift is right for you! The neck lift is considered when a person feels they have lost firmness and definition in their neck, jowl and lower face area. The procedure does not change your expression but rather refreshes your appearance to look years younger. The procedure is done by repositioning and tightening the muscles in the neck and lower face. This is following by the removal of excess skin which ultimately improves the signs of aging and the final process will include adding volume to areas in your face which have been lost. Dr. Nashielli’s goals are to provide you with the best, most natural results possible!

It is very important to be clear about your expectations and know what your goals are. That way, you will be able to have the best consultation with the clearest explanation of the treatment the doctor recommends for you. During the consultation, all of your questions will be answered, procedures explained in detail and we will arrange everything so you will be on your way to having your dream result. As Nashielli Plastic Surgery, your health and happiness are our priorities.

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“Dr Nashielli was the top recommendation from several trusted health professionals. She was totally professional and caring from the “how does this all work ” interview thru follow-up. Her team made it easy to come in from out of town. The hospital in Guadalajara is new and located in an amazing upscale retail area. I am a mid 60s guy who never imagined doing this but the turkey neck and baggie eyes made me look older than I felt and my wife was fully supportive. Results are totally natural and I fooled, and never told, family and friends we visited after 2 months.”

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As with any surgery, there are risks which will be evaluated and discussed in the consultation, as some of them will depend on your own personal medical history. Some possible complications could be a seroma, hematoma and/or wound opening.
Recovery is gradual. At the end of the surgery, there will like be two small tubes or drains placed behind each ear to allow any accumulated fluid to drain. Removal of these tubes typically occurs the day after surgery. A large “mummy type” bandage is also put on at the end of surgery. This typically stays on between 1-3 days to help reduce swelling. After the large bandage is removed, often patients do not need to wear any other type of compression bandage. However, in some cases, that would be recommended as well. It is important not to use any type of hair dryer the first few weeks as the sensitivity of the skin is impaired and it could be easy to burn your skin. During the initial recovery period, it is necessary to limit physical activities for a couple of weeks, thus preventing increased swelling and/or inflammation. It is important to stay cool and rest, use ice to reduce swelling every couple of hours and sleep propped up. You will be given detailed instructions for your particular procedure by Dr. Nashielli. At the end of the second week you can return to normal activities, with the consent of your surgeon. Also, if following the post-op care instructions properly, most bruising and swelling will be almost gone between 2-3 weeks. Any possible remaining bruises can be covered with makeup. After five weeks, your results will already be very noticeable; however, it will take several months for the healing process to be completed. You will see your final results in about 6 months.
The surgery will typically last between 5 and 6 hours. Dr. Nashielli uses a light IV sedation typically known as “twilight” sedation. Following the IV sedation, local injections of anesthesia are used around the neck and lower face. After the surgery, you will go into the recovery room where you will stay around 1 – 1 ½ hours before you return to your private room to spend the night. You will be evaluation the morning after surgery to make sure you are ready to check out. During this evaluation, you will be given instructions on after care as well as any prescriptions you may need. In addition, your first follow up appointment will be scheduled.
The incisions are done along the edge of your ear in the natural contours and they then go behind the ear where they are hidden within the hair line. Initially, the incision areas will be red and inflamed. As time passes, they will turn pink and eventually fade to a fine, white line. Again, following the proper aftercare instructions is imperative to get the best results. All stitches with the neck lift surgery are dissolving so there are no stitches to be removed.
Mexico has long been a popular destination for neck lift and other facial surgeries for Americans, Canadians and people from all over the world who want to receive the finest care, competitive prices and treatment and are often combined with vacation. The fact is the results, care, facilities and attention to detail are unprecedented! Our medical team works around the clock to plan your stay and treatment to make your experience a pleasant one. Once you initiate an inquiry with us, an English or Spanish speaking coordinator will contact you and guide you through every step of the process. At Nashielli Plastic Surgery, we are here to help guide you from the beginning to the end of your recovery!

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