Facial aging is bound to happen sooner or later. Fine lines, severe wrinkles, facial-volume loss, loose skin folds on the neck, excess fat under the chin, and creases on the face can appear as a result of aging. Other factors may make them manifest even sooner, including stress, sun exposure, smoking, and lifestyle choices.

Luckily, there are effective ways to keep aging signs at bay. Rhytidectomy surgery, also known as a facelift, can fight back against the signs of facial aging.

What Is a Rhytidectomy?

The rhytidectomy is a procedure that removes rhytids, more commonly known as wrinkles. It can address signs of facial aging unlike any other surgery. This procedure treats the lower face and neck area.

A rhytidectomy can improve many aspects of your face and neck profile with a single surgery. It’s able to correct a number of problems:

• It can trim away sagging skin on the cheeks and the neck.
• It can remove deep creases below the eyes, around the mouth, and around the nose.
• It can remove excess fat from the neck.
• It can address volume loss in the cheeks.

What to Expect

The facelift procedure involves an incision at the hairline that extends behind the earlobes. This incision remains hidden in the natural crease along the forehead.

Through the incision, Dr. Espinosa repositions tissues and muscles to lift the facial skin. The underlying tissues are tightened to effectively remove the wrinkles from the lower face. The facial fat is redistributed where it is needed.

If necessary, Dr. Espinosa may make another small incision in the chin area to work on the neck. She will remove excess skin and then close the incision(s) using surgical stitches.

Recovery After Rhytidectomy

You will need to rest and avoid heavy physical work during the recovery period after your rhytidectomy. Swelling after surgery is common with every procedure, including rhytidectomy; much of it will subside shortly, and Dr. Espinosa may recommend cold compresses to minimize the swelling.

The dressing is usually removed in one to two days and the sutures within seven to ten days. Within two weeks, you can be ready to resume work and your normal routine. Some people may require few extra days to fully heal.

Rhytidectomy Results

A rhytidectomy is perfect for those who wish to remove signs of facial aging without compromising on aesthetics. After a rhytidectomy, the lower face and neck have improved contours that look quite natural, and the patient appears rested and relaxed. The surgery involves working on the muscles and tissues without use of any chemicals or harsh techniques.

Dr. Espinosa: The Right Surgeon for Your Facelift

The facelift is an artistic surgery where the plastic surgeon defines the new facial contours based on the patient’s needs. It needs to be done in a way that makes the skin tighter but not excessively so. For a rhytidectomy to be effective, it needs to be performed by the right surgeon. This means finding a qualified medical professional with experience in facial surgeries.

Dr. Nashielli Espinosa is a highly skilled and experienced reconstructive plastic surgeon who will be happy to get you quality results. Contact our office today for your helpful consultation.