Signs of aging are as obvious on the neck as they are on the face and hands. Even when you’re athletic and look as fit as you were in your younger days, the neck always gives away your true age. Aging creates creases and wrinkles, which get worse with age. These lines can make you look 10 years older, especially when the sagging develops into jowls and a turkey wattle.

There are multiple solutions to tackle the signs of aging when they are clear on the face. But is there a solution for aging signs on the neck? Patients find that a neck lift can turn back the clock on these frustrating signs of aging.

The Neck Lift

A neck lift is a cosmetic procedure performed to give the neck a more youthful appearance. It addresses excess tissues to create the appearance of a tight and taut neck. It can also be complemented with other cosmetic procedures such as a facelift and an eye lift.

Ideal Candidates for the Neck Lift

A neck lift is ideal for people who have excess sagging skin, fat, and muscle tissue that cause aesthetic neck issues like jowls, a double chin, and a turkey wattle.

Good candidates for a neck lift include healthy individuals with no serious medical conditions, non-smokers, and those who have realistic expectations regarding the results of the procedure.

A neck lift is also an excellent choice for individuals who are not ready for a complete facelift but still want to rejuvenate their chin and neck.

How It Is Performed

Liposuction is performed when the primary reason for neck sagging is fat accumulation. A surgical neck lift is mandatory when the primary cause is loose skin or sagging muscle tissue.

The patient is first given either local anesthesia and sedation or general anesthesia. In accordance with the patient’s requirements, small incisions are then made under the chin or behind the ears.

Fat is removed through liposuction, loose muscle tissue is tightened with surgical sutures, and loose skin is removed. The remaining skin is tightened and then the incisions are closed with stitches.

Recovering From a Neck Lift

A recovery period will be needed after your neck lift. There will be a degree of bruising, swelling, and discomfort, which will all subside as the body heals. Ask Dr. Espinosa to find out how to care for these issues during your healing process.

Patients who undergo the treatment are recommended to rest for one week before they can resume light activity. Work and other physical activities are generally resumed after two to four weeks depending on the progress of healing.

Take the First Step Towards a Youthful-Looking Neck

Interested in finding out more about the neck-lift procedure? Reconstructive plastic surgeon Dr. Nashielli Espinosa has the experience and skill needed to give you the results you’ve been hoping for. Schedule a helpful consultation with Dr. Espinosa by contacting our office today. During a consultation, Dr. Espinosa will examine your neck and ensure that the procedure is right for you.