Wrinkles appear on the face as a part of the aging process. The appearance of these signs of aging depends on a number of factors, including skin elasticity.

Elasticity and Moisture

Elasticity is the skin’s ability to return to its previous shape after being stretched. It helps it remain tight and smooth. Elasticity is provided by a protein in our skin called elastin, while firmness is provided by a protein called collagen.

Unfortunately, with aging, the production of elastin and collagen in our body decreases. As a result, the skin begins to loosen and droop.

The production of sebum by the skin also decreases with age. Sebum is the oil produced by glands in our skin for lubrication. The decrease in sebum causes a lack of moisture, making the skin dry and dull. Wrinkles become more prominent due to this dryness.


Although age is the primary factor for the appearance of lines and wrinkles, it is certainly not the only one. A lot of other things also affect how early these signs appear on your skin. One important factor is genetics.

The type of skin we have is determined by our genes. Some people have healthy glowing skin that ages very slowly, while others show signs of aging very early on.

Other Factors Affecting Your Skin’s Health

While aging and genetics are beyond our control, there are some other factors that we have some control over.

• Excessive exposure to UV rays from the sun does a great deal of damage to the skin. UV rays break down the skin’s connective tissue, causing wrinkling, age spots, lax skin, and roughness. The effects of UV rays are more pronounced in fair-skinned people, since they lack melanin, the pigment that protects skin from the sun.

• Pollution and smoking can speed up the aging process. Smoking reduces the blood flow to the skin, rendering it dull and unhealthy.

• Excessive frowning or squinting over the years causes the facial muscles to stiffen and contract, leading to the formation of fine lines.

Prevention of Lines and Wrinkles

Aging is a natural process that will take its course. To prevent premature aging, avoid going out in the sun without sunscreen. Cover your face and neck when out in the sun as much as possible.

If possible, quit smoking in order to restore health to your skin. Adopt and maintain a healthy diet, and get enough sleep to let your skin recover from damage.

Treating Wrinkles and Sagging with a Facelift

With advancements in medical science, it is now possible to regain the youthful appearance your skin has lost over the years. If you’re concerned about the appearance of lines and wrinkles, come in for a facelift.

This cosmetic surgical procedure offers the best results when done between ages 40 and 50, when the skin is still somewhat elastic.

During a facelift, Dr. Espinosa removes excess loose skin from the face and the neck and tightens the remaining skin. The underlying tissues are lifted and adjusted to create a smoother appearance that is free of wrinkles.

The procedure takes between two to five hours to complete, and the patient can typically return home immediately after the operation.

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